Heartbreak Leads to Purpose - Interview with Kim Bauman

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Living That Grateful Life

Meet Kim Bauman - a brilliant yoga instructor, philanthropist and founder of the for-purpose organization called The One Love Movement. She is bad ass and dynamic to say the least.

It gave us butterflies when she agreed to do an interview with us - her story is truly inspiring.

For Kim, her story has inspired her life’s work and is the reason why The One Love Movement [along with all of the wonderful support] exists today. “I am most grateful for my story because through it I found my purpose. I learned that what breaks your heart the most is where you'll find your purpose to give from”.  And what a valid point. It is these inflection points in our lives - the trials and tribulations, the heartache, the shadows along our path - in which create the most authentic meaning and fulfillment. For those that have the pleasure of personally knowing Kim, know that her purpose shines through in her teaching and in the way she touches other people’s lives.

The One Love Movement is an organization that coordinates events to raise money and awareness for under-represented communities. “Through our events we have funded projects in Haiti, Uganda, Tanzania, and locally here in the U.S., with our biggest project being the fiduciary of a shelter in India; home to 17 kids. As a result of our events, I have been incredibly touched and inspired by the people that have come together to create togetherness. I crave this connectedness which is why I love planning events. I'm so grateful for our community because we wouldn't exist otherwise”.

Unity - One Love - creates light. It creates change in a very profound manner, even if on a small scale. What Kim has managed to accomplish is no small feat and the amount of support she has garnered does not go unnoticed. Her vision and mission is so powerful and compelling that she brings together hundreds and hundreds of people in the name of supporting the underserved and in the meantime spreads a massive amount of light and love. It is by acting from the space of purpose that we create impactful change in the world.

“When I was on a humanitarian trip to Haiti, I struggled when I realized that there were millions of kids out there who live homeless; who wonder where they'll get there next meal; why did I get picked for a better life? I was once a foster child adopted into a loving family full of abundance and opportunity. Why me and not them?” Kim reflected. This humbling perspective keeps her present to everything her life is blessed with and because she sees the blessings - big and small - she remains in a constant state of gratitude.

If you are already a fan of Kim and stalk her like we do, you witness her incredible ability to manifest some pretty awesome magic into her life. Now, we totally believe Kim is amazing and has magical powers buuut perhaps she practices what we hear about often? *cough, gratitude, cough* 

Maybe there is something to living in a constant state of gratitude? That by remaining in a state of gratitude and, therefore, higher vibration, you attract more abundance? That seems to add up to us.  If Kim isn’t a great example of this in action, we don’t know what is. We pretty much have nothing to lose by choosing to practice gratitude constantly - except maybe the life we want to create.

And since we’re on the topic of manifesting, we asked Kim about her future. “I don't plan too far ahead, unless I’m planning an event of course. I do, however, visualize and dream awfully big all of the time. I don’t plan the “hows” of these big dreams nor do I have an idea when those dreams will happen. I just know they will.”

Boom. Through blind faith comes magic.

And just like we end all interviews, we asked Kim if she could shape the world with one act of gratitude, what would it be?  “To be compassionate because that is something you can't teach”.

Her story keeps her present to all of the abundance that surrounds her. Her story is the seed for her compassion. And out of this seed grew her desire to help underserved communities and therefore the creation of The One Love Movement. Kim is a testament that life opens up to you when you listen to your heart and are grateful for the “downs” just as much as the “ups”. So, if we learned anything from this interview, it's that magic happens through the persistent art of gratitude.

We're ever grateful for you, Kim!

To learn more about Kim and The One Love Movement, head on over to their website and stalk her on the Insta.